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“If you want to make a difference, in the life of our nation, if you want to make the most of your talents and dedication, if you want to make your mark with a legacy that will endure – then join the teaching profession.” (President Barack Obama)
Khadija Ebrahim-Evans, a successful kindergarten teacher who has been teaching for twenty-four years, has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in early childhood education and a part-time college professor at Winston-Salem State University.
In order to become a successful teacher, you will have to obtain in education regardless of your choice in the teaching field. One-fourth of your college education will have to be devoted to education. If you plan on becoming a secondary school teacher one-seventh of your time in college will be dealing with education and adolescent psychology.
Teachers usually teach up to 6 ½ hours a day Monday through Friday every week for 10 months, and they get the summer off. If they want to go further, they are allowed to teach summer school or go to conventions and take classes about being a better teacher for the school system.
The first two years of your college career will help you develop a personality for the classroom and being a member of the community (your work environment). It helps with interpersonal skills and create relationships with other beings.
Teachers instruct young pupils’ kindergarten through 12th grade in a really wide range of academic, social, emotional, and motor skilled way, they provide good learning environment by planning and presenting simple instruction using methods and materials to help students. There are three important descriptions that come with teaching: teaching is a full-time occupation, they tea...

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...h, enjoy working with kids and adults, being enthusiastic about new ideas that come to mind and discussing them others, and having a good sense of humor. (Opportunities in Teaching Careers, page 16)
Keeping up with the paper work and meetings is a challenge, but it does not make anyone a better teacher.
Teaching varies from state to state in its conditions, but there are some that have a lot in common. The teaching profession is strong. Whenever a crisis has appeared, teachers have been on hand to help the government and organizations needing advice and counsel.
Teaching can never go wrong, if you teach the right subjects in school, your kids will use the information they used to gain more knowledge in the real world.
My final thought on this career is that it’s helpful towards other people and it’s good to make a change in today’s society.

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