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A teacher, also known as an educator, instructor, professor or tutor is meant to instruct. Their main job is to educate children and adults so they can later on have a career for themselves or expand his or her knowledge about the career they have chosen. Without teachers, many people would not have jobs let alone have basic knowledge. The state government employs the majority of public school teachers in the U.S. Whether they are teaching elementary school, middle school, high school or college/university, their main focus is to help students have a better understanding of a specific subject. In this essay, the topics that are being focused on are what a teacher’s duties are, the required education in order to become a teacher, job growth/outlook, plan for becoming an elementary school teacher, as well as the strengths and barriers.
In an elementary school, teachers are required to know multiple subjects such as English, math, science, study skills as well as social skills. Educators are there to help, evaluate and grade students based on their performance. They also collaborate with their colleagues to gather more information on possible teaching strategies as well as any issues they may have with a particular activity or subject. Teachers can guide students and give examples of how to succeed when doing things or completing assignments. In elementary school, teachers need to have good social skills when talking to parents or guardians. They also need to be sensitive to children’s educational needs. For example, most children when put into a classroom with their peers, adapt. They try to figure out how things work by themselves however, if a student does not comprehend a particular problem the teacher must try to explain ...

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...y are helping pass down their knowledge that they had learned in that particular subject. They also receive full medical and dental care and a retirement plan. Some of the drawbacks of teaching however are that it can be tiring and difficult at times. Teachers are also under a tremendous amount of stress from parents, administrations and themselves. However, every teacher has his or her good and bad days.
In conclusion, teachers help shape what we choose to have as a career. It takes a great deal of work and patience but the end result makes it all worth it. There are a substantial amount of obstacles that they need to pass such as finishing school, receiving a bachelor’s or master’s degree (depending on the state) and going forward to obtain a teaching certification. Without teachers there would be no education therefore, no one would have any kind of job.
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