Essay On Becoming A Medical Assistant

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585 words

Sitting in my high school class freshman year asking myself, what will I be doing after high school? How will I do it? What College should I even go to? Time is passing by so fast and my time is running out. Finally I got an answer after going to the clinic many times and even asking the medical assistant questions about their jobs and how they like it I got a lot of positive answers on being a medical assistant there it was finally I thought to myself. Why not become a Medical Assistant, I always loved playing doctor with my friends when I was little, Why not make it reality?
Furthermore, I love helping people and making a difference. I just thought yes becoming a Medical assistant is the right choice for myself. But now to the next step, what college is the best fit for me? Asking verity of different people I knew more people that went to Everest than many other colleges out there. I got the opportunity to talk to a few friends and family that went to Everest. They told me about their own experience while going to Everest and they all said it was a wonderful college and I should make my next step by attending their medical assistant program.
For the reason of many friends telling me about their experience I made the choice to go in Everest College myself and have …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they sat in their high school class freshman year asking themselves, what will they be doing after high-school?
  • Opines that becoming a medical assistant is the right choice for them. after talking to friends and family about their experience, they decided to attend everest.
  • Explains that they chose to attend everest college because of friends telling them about their experience. they set up an appointment to meet with a leader, hear about many of the positive opportunities they have, and met with the student finance planner with their father.
  • Opines that everest will fulfill their american dream to become a medical assistant, because they know they will get the right education and know about all the different modules.
  • Opines that everest will give them the training they need to get into a career and help them locate local employment opportunities.

By getting the correct education and knowing about all the different modules I will learn within 10 months, will really help me understand the view of becoming a MA. Everest has the right classes I will need to succeed further on my life. By being a student here I can get the practical, hands-on training I will need to compete for entry-level medical assistant positions in physicians' offices, clinics and other health care facilities. I will learn a verity of relevant topics, including: Pharmacology, Laboratory procedures, Medical law, Patient care, Health

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