Essay On Barack Obama

Barack Obama does not have what it takes to consider himself a proper president. Although he has had some successes, President Barack Obama’s mistakes outweigh his successes. Obama has proven himself to be just like every other president the United States has ever had, worthless. President Barack Obama is an unfit president because of his healthcare plan, approval of the NSA’s surveillance of ordinary United States citizens, failure to pass many beneficial proposals, lying to Americans, and being a hypocrite.
President Barack Obama proved himself to be an unfit president in several ways. One of these ways is his healthcare plan, Obamacare. On October 1, 2013, the president announced the website, a healthcare site that was supposed to make insurance easy and affordable to have for every citizen of the United States. Because of this healthcare plan, the government was shut down. Republicans disagreed with the plan and refused to approve of it, stating that it was unnecessary spending. The government was shut down for a total of sixteen days. The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, so Obamacare was already starting off negatively seeing that it was just being taken into effect in 2013. In addition to the late start of the plan, the internet site was also contributing to a failing healthcare plan. There were constant error messages popping up from the start of the website, so users were not having much success getting signed up for the program. It has also been reported that Obama’s promise, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.” was false. Participators of the program stated that they had to cancel their doctor of choice and find a new doctor that was covered under the Obamacare health plan. There...

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... president of the United States, who claimed that it was wrong to involve one’s self with lobbyists (A Pattern Of Concerns | Not Fit To Be Commander in Chief 1).
In conclusion, Barack Obama has not had what it takes to get the country back in the shape it needs to be in. It is understandable that he came into office of a country that had already been messed up by presidents before, but he has offered nothing but empty promises to fix it with. President Obama has failed the United States with multiple aspects: Obamacare, allowing the NSA to spy on normal citizens, not getting beneficial proposals passed, lying to America on multiple occasions, and being a hypocrite. His main failure as a president would be lying to the citizens of the country. In one of his famous speeches, Barack Obama said it was “time for a change.” This probably is not the change he anticipated.
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