Essay On Autism Spectrum Disorder

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The Autism Spectrum Disorder is a combination of multiple and complex sets of symptoms that show differently. Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder are also typically treated differently from person to person. Symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on the case. It is clear to see that Autism Spectrum Disorder is quite common because one in every sixty-eight children in North Dakota alone have it. Whether it be a child or an adult, those with autism have a very hard time communicating and maintaining relationships with others people. For children with Autism, their brains will always process information differently than children’ brains who are without the Autism Spectrum Disorder. According to reports made by the American Psychological Association, the Autism Spectrum Disorder is the utmost severe developmental disability for an individual to carry.
Autism Spectrum Disorder generally shows it’s first signs in a child before the child even reaches the age of three and the signs will persist and increase throughout his/her lifespan. Some children with autism will either speak very little or not at all. Many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder also find it very difficult to express basic needs and wants. Because of the many problems that children , it is important for an individual to receive his/her diagnosis as early as possible. It is much more difficult for an adult to accept his/her diagnosis than it is for a child.
As for adults who are diagnosed later in their life, there are many benefits that come from receiving a formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. These benefits include being able to access autism-specific services, claim financial support more easily and, possibly, the individual will gain a deeper ...

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...acles when determining how to teach children with autism. Every child with Autism is a complete individual who will respond to every teaching method in a different way. Because of this, there are a few strategies that are generally applied to help children with Autism succeed with their classroom goals. Because children often have trouble getting used to different environments or chaotic spaces, it is vital for teachers to develop a well organized classroom for students. It helps if the teacher has defined stations in the classroom, perhaps one are of the class for reading and another area for crafts. Also, many autistic children thrive on a predictable schedule because anything that is out of order will cause them stress. By giving them security and making everything predictable for them they will always know what to expect when coming into the classroom.
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