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Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD] is a mental condition in which the brain does not develop in what is considered to be a normal way. Individuals with Autism find it difficult to interact, communicate and form relationships with others. They have trouble with not only language and complex concepts but also differentiating between reality and fantasy. Moreover, people with Autism often engage in repetitive activities and are usually either oversensitive or lack sensitivity. Autism Spectrum Disorder has many branches or types, each branch of Autism has its own symptoms and causes but all branches are extremely similar.

There is no known single cause for autism that has yet been identified so there are likely many different causes of autism rather than just one. The combination of genetic abnormalities and environmental factors is the most probable cause of autism that research has yet been able to identify. Furthermore, autism is said to be caused by a genetic abnormality as it tends to run in families. Other sings of a genetic link to autism include an increased occurrence of chromosomal abnormalities, brain deficiencies, and language difficulties, which seems to be prevalent in families of autistic children. The combinations of genetic factors are also probably tied to environmental factors, like exposure to toxins and metals. What causes an individual to have ASD, is not yet known. However, extensive research is being done to try to find out more. At this point it is believed to result from changes in brain development which may be caused by a range of factors such as; environmental and genetic factors.

It’s not certain what causes autism, but both genetic and environmental factors play a role. The causes of autism may be divided...

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...hough some may need special support and depend on family and friends, others live relatively normal lives.
Kaiden is a four and a half year old boy who was first diagnosed with global developmental delay at the age of 14 months. Around the age of five months his mother noticed something different about him, by the age of 1 she started getting worried, but doctors said everything was fine and finally at the age of four he got an ASD diagnosis and it turns out he was autistic. Kaiden has no verbal communication skills whatsoever and does not point or signal. He also has epilepsy and is developmentally around 15 months. Kaiden has a hard time making friends and getting along with other children as he tends to head-butt, kick, bite, scream and pinch. No one knows what the future holds for Kaiden, he is just another victim of autism and this is his heartbreaking journey.
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