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Atherosclerosis, the underlying causes of coronary heart disease can affect any artery in the body. Coronary heart disease is essentially the build up of plaque which sticks to the walls of the coronary arteries. The arteries in atherosclerosis is narrowed due to the excessive build up of cholesterol-rich lipids known as plaque around the artery wall (Insull, 2009). Once the plaques around the walls of the arteries become narrow, the flow of blood will be constricted, reducing the amount of blood and oxygen that are able to reach the heart. Hence the heart becomes increasingly hypoxic, as a consequence the contraction become inefficient, thus poses serious cardiovascular complications which could result in heart attack (A&P p.687)(Insull, 2009). Despite the…show more content…
Even though at this present time, the precise cause of atherosclerosis is still unknown. The purpose of this essay is to examine how the risk factors: hypertension, abnormal blood lipids, and smoking could influence the cellular events of atherosclerosis.

There are many risk factors which can lead to the development of atherosclerosis. As can be expected, one of the risks factors for atherosclerosis is related to the abnormal level of blood lipids. The role of abnormal blood lipids in the development of atherosclerosis is providing the boost required for lipid to be transported to cells, as well as the production of reactive oxygen and free radicals (p.700). Moreover, the quantity of cholesterol carried by low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) in the arterial wall is critical in the development of atherosclerosis (McCance

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