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Assyrian Military Practices
Assyrians were one of the most dominating warlike people in the history of the Ancient Near East. Famous for their cruelty and love for violence the Assyrians came to great power. Originating in around 2400 BC the Assyrian forces grew to become the most powerful force in the entire world. Assyria became the greatest empire and first supreme military power in history. Born out of the Mesopotamian Empire from the city of Ashur. The military accomplishments and tactical innovation of the Assyrians make for a complex history riddled with victories, supreme leaders, and torture techniques. The Assyrian way of militaristic organization, weapon systems, strategy, and warfare tactics made them an impenetrable force that even Egypt couldn’t rival in strength and power.
Like the Babylonians, Assyria evolved from the Akkadian Empire being descendants of the Semites after the late third millennium BC conquering of Akkad. Assyria became a world power under kings such as Ashur-uballit , Enlil-nirari, Ashur-resh-ish, and many others who formed the empire that stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Caspian Sea and from the Caucases to Arabia. Assyria did not reach its militaristic supremacy until the 14th Century BC after the dark ages of the previous 11th and 10th centuries (Aniteli). Even in the dark ages for the ancient Near East, Assyria had a well-defended nation with strong warriors. With the campaigns of Afaf-nirari II Assyria rose to the great power.
Assyria originated as an oligarchic ruling where the power was divided between the king and a panel of elders and a High Priest. The Assyrian army was like other Mesopotamian armies at the King was the commander of the army and Empire and was sanctioned by t...

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...enia, Babylon, and southern Mesopotamia. The Assyrians were skilled at war and skilled at claiming land. To prevent revolts by conqured people the Assyrians would force them to migrate to other empires. This not only guaranteed the security but built empired off of conquered people.
The Assyrian empire had numerous victories and became a wealthy state. The kings built large fortified cities where they placed their grand palaces. Assyria lays claim to not only advanced war tactics but also the birthplace of many great scholars, massage, backgammon, the lock and key, and glassmaking. After the great Kind Ahurbanipal the Assyrian empire began to crumble and pressure came from enemies of the past. The Babylonian along with other Semetic people conqured b the Assyrians including the Medes came to conquer the Assyrian capital of Nineveh and burned the city to the ground.
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