Essay On Aspects Of Sociology

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In learning today it is important to look deeper into things, and see why they happen. Sociology is an important way in finding out how things affect people and make them who they are today. Even though sociology is a fairly new study there are many aspects that form together to create it. Some important aspects of sociology are the sociological imagination and social location. These are important in studying the relationships between societies, groups of people, and individuals.
The sociological imagination is defined by C. Wright Mills as being the vivid awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society. What I understand from this is that the sociological imagination is thinking deeper than everyday life. It
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Certain things shape us; such as our values, gender, the people in our lives, where we live, and how people around us act. The sociological imagination is all about seeing the outcome and how things influence each other. As biographical aspects shape us, so do historical aspects. How our earlier generations where brought up may have played a huge role in who we are today. Everyone’s history makes them who they are. For example a historical condition that shaped everyone’s lives was the American Revolution. This major historic event changed history by giving lower class jobs in factories, which has led to people being able to have jobs today. An example of how personal biography shapes your life could be college. If you decide you want to get a higher level education to get a degree for a well paying job, it is your decision to go to college. If this is one’s choice they will work hard to achieve this goal and shape their own lives. Things have changed since long ago, because of how personal biography has changed. Before if you were a women you stayed home, cooked, and cleaned. If you were a man you did the labor and provided money for
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