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Marriage is a sacred rite that marks the union of two separate individuals who are now planning to share part of their lives such as their name, accomplishments, and wealth. People claim marriage should only occur when these individuals love and cherish each other deeply, however, few exceptions occur in arranged marriages. Arranged marriages usually entail enlisting two individuals that do not know each other that are made to be wed, which is risky business especially since there are so certain people that could be said to have a few screws loose. Many make the assumption there is a wide difference between the two but the line that separates them becomes hard to depict because arranged marriages usually end horribly. And a reasonable argument…show more content…
But there are exceptions such as the Lakhvir Singh case involve two strangers being forced to marry which is considered a social norm for them, but ends tragically with the Indian wife being mentally and sexually assaulted on a regular basis. In fact, Lakhvir Singh was sentenced guilty in all charges of criminal deviate conduct, domestic battery, rape, sexual battery and strangulation in result he was sentenced 20 years in prison. However, his ex-wife (whom remained animus) claimed she never once felt like his wife but a servant and is still trying to regain her confidence from the terrifying ordeal. Another shocking story of the frights of arranged marriages is of Kalpana (named changed for secrecy) of Toronto who was forced into marriage twice and once being to her own relative. Both marriages failed miserably with the first one cheating on her multiple times then leaving her with the responsibilities of two children to provide and care for then the second she is threatened to financially support her new husband even though she is admitted into the hospital after a mental break down. Both narratives include two women whom were not fully informed about their natural rights as individuals before entering accepting their hands in

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