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544 words

Arnie Grape’s disability has a number of traits and has developmental disability. When looking at Arnie, we notice he has sensory issues, inappropriate laughs and cries, ordinary tantrums like when he yells “I want hot dogs” like a four year old, poor verbal skills; he is able to speak but has limited vocabulary, he has major social issues and does not understand morals. Arnie comes from an economically depressed and dysfunctional family where incidents happen quite often such as the death of his father and older brother, the struggle of his obese mother who is unable to perform as a normal mother, the role of his older sister is like a mother to them, his younger sister who is in a stage where she has not found her identity yet and is embarrassed of Arnie, and finally Gilbert his second brother who acts as a male head of his family after his father’s death and is the main caregiver for Arnie. Indeed, every member of the family has a role in the house that fulfills every one of them. This paper will clarify the movie, the role of the characters and their purpose. Gilbert’s responsi...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that arnie grape's disability has sensory issues, inappropriate laughs and cries, ordinary tantrums like when he yells "i want hot dogs" like a four-year-old.
  • Analyzes how gilbert's responsibility is to take care of their desolated farmhouse and protect his handicapped younger brother while losing his ability to enjoy life and feel any emotions.
  • Analyzes how gilbert's reaction to arnie’s disabilities refers to the common stereotypes that have been recognized for disabled people.
  • Analyzes how becky is kind and free-spirited, friendly and patient with arnie. she is flexible, open and adventurous, which makes him adore her and enjoys being with her.
  • Analyzes how gilbert insists on arnie to understand there is no other place they could go and no hopes for his future as he felt for mother and brother.
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