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Feeling anxious is a natural human instinct. Although we all worry, there are some people who suffer from anxiety disorders that have taken over their lives. There are diverse factors that contribute to anxiety syndromes and treatment options as well. While there are several types of anxiety disorders with many different causes, it is a common condition because it manifests itself in various ways and most are very treatable.

There are many different types of anxiety disorders, the most common being generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). A person diagnosed with GAD would experience excessive worry over everyday things and have a negative outlook for no apparent reason. Social anxiety is another common disorder. Someone affected by social anxiety would have difficulty with a normal daily routine. They may be unable to complete school, have trouble interviewing and getting a job, and may be incapable of friendships or romantic relationships, making them feel alone or even ashamed. Although not as common, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is another form of anxiety that can wreak havoc on someone’s life. OCD causes one to suffer from unwanted thoughts that they cannot seem to let go of (obsessions), causing them to repeatedly perform ritualistic behaviors or routines in an effort to ease their anxiety. Agoraphobia is considered one of the more serious anxiety disorders. A common misconception is that agoraphobia is a fear of public places. In reality, a diagnosis of agoraphobia is much more than a common fear, it is severe enough to debilitate a person’s life. A person suffering from this specific disorder may be too afraid to leave their home or comfort zone.

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...period of time before being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. If anxiety is determined to be the cause, a referral to a psycho therapist is often the next step to determine the best treatment method for that individual. Family support can also help a person suffering from anxiety. Knowing there are people close to them who understand and want to help, often allow for a more effective form of communication that may help relieve some worry.

Anxiety is a normal human emotion. Although some anxiety is considered normal, experiencing frequent increased fearfulness and nervousness can be debilitating for some. With the proper medical treatment, someone suffering from an anxiety disorder can lead a relatively normal life. Advancements in the treatment of anxiety disorders will continue to bring hope and relief to the people and families affected by these disorders.
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