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Anonymous Communication: The Rising Darkness?
Through the years, the Internet has grown to be one of the most important aspect of human lives. By interacting with it for a long period, people have developed to create distinct Internet cultures, with anonymity being the most controversial. Anonymous communication is seen as the basis of an Internet culture which supports free speech and sharing, as well as being openly against authorities in general. The claim of Anonymity is that it ensures governments to not be able to monitor citizens, thus guaranteeing the privacy and simple rights. However, this view is essentially mistaken; the foundation of human society is at risk of breakdown when anonymous communication is allowed in the excessive amount. The Internet anonymity crush the fabrics of society because human being's freedom of free speech must come with a price of accountability. Unless individuals can be held responsible for their actions, people lose all helps of the laws, thus truly risking the freedom of human lives.
In today's world, the social justice requires accountability. Individuals of the free society collect benefits in terms of three major factors: nourishment, shelter, and protection. Of course, they are expected to contribute to the community in return. Unfortunately, problems and unfairness occur due to imbalances in this relationship in reality. It is an inevitable fact that certain individuals or groups can acquire excessive wealth or power. From this, there is an obvious result of other people not receiving the just rewards for their works and deeds, thus creating tensions. In small groups such as a family, where people know each other well and can easily depend more directly on each other, such...

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...idered as hoaxes and ignored.
The matter concerning anonymous communication in the Internet has been considered, and it will likely to be a hot topic through this millennium. Many advocates of such issue claimed that it is necessary for the securing of free speech on the web. But the fact of reality is that people can easily misuse whatever forms of technology they encounter with. Accountability is the center of this stable world that can keep fairness and rights. Hiding in their cape only worsens deceptions, crimes, and subsequently more victims in the process. In the end, the result of anonymity is mere void; there is no just course, but only lone, darkness. The better solution is for the people to embrace accountability, and be honest. The fact is, those are only small prices humans pay for the greatest amount of freedom and rights they gain in this world.
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