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Throughout World War II, there were thousands of victims. Many persecuted were killed or tortured, but some lived to tell their story. Despite only living until she was 15, Anne Frank tried her best to survive in difficult conditions. Her story demonstrates the strength of the human nature when pushed to its limit. Annelies Frank was born in June of 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She had one sister, Margot, who was three years older than her. Her parents were Otto and Edith Frank. Otto worked in his family’s bank while Edith stayed home to watch Anne and her sister. They were a Jewish family along with 6 million others trying to escape the horrific dictator, Adolf Hitler. Germany was in an economic crisis. Unemployment and poverty were at a high, and by the claims of a racist leader, Jewish people were the problem and were to be blamed for the trouble in Germany. Hitler and his Nazis took power in 1933. Jews no longer had any sort of freedom. They were restricted to only being out at a certain time of day, couldn’t use any sort of transportation, were forbidden to use public works, and were forced to attend Jewish only schools. On top of that they were forced to wear a yellow star to identify that they were Jews. On Anne’s 13th birthday she got a few presents along with a diary that she got to pick out in the local bookstore. She wrote every day to her imaginary girlfriend that she named “Kitty,” about her experiences she had gone through. Anne wrote, Countless friends and acquaintances have been taken off to a dreadful fate. Night after night, green and gray military vehicles cruise the streets. They knock on every door, asking whether any Jews live there. If so, the whole family is immediately taken away.... ... middle of paper ... ... the Russian army was steadily approaching them. Then on January 27, 1945, the prisoners were liberated. Margot, Anne, and Otto were the only ones from the Annex that had survived the brutal months. By March, Anne and Margot died of typhus, an infectious disease transmitted by lice. When they died they just got thrown into a large pile of thousands of dead bodies. Not knowing of what happened to his family, Otto traveled back the Netherlands, in hope to see that they have made it back, but he didn’t. Anne lived in fear everyday of being found by the German police. After doing the impossible and surviving the death camps, she told her story to the world when Otto published her journal that she had been writing about her life experiences that she was put through. Anne Frank was a very strong young girl that never let her fear overcome her will to survive.

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