Essay On Ambition In Macbeth

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To achieve a goal you must dream it, set your mind to it, and do it. This explains how Macbeth rises to the throne as quickly as he does. Macbeth makes quick work of becoming king because he dreams it and has strong ambitions about it. He sets his mind to it, and does it with Lady Macbeth 's support pushing him. However, sometimes harmless ambitions set in motion a path of negative and harmful actions required to achieve them. Macbeth 's hasty rise to the throne is due to obtaining the knowledge of the future and possessing an overpowering amount of ambition (Shakespeare). When he hears the prophecy, Macbeth instantly thinks of killing Duncan, so he will become king quicker (Shakespeare). This response is due to Macbeth 's devotion to achieving…show more content…
Lady Macbeth 's support keeps him from backing out of their plot multiple times. One time right before committing the murders, Macbeth starts to consider what being a murderer will mean for him (Shakespeare). He wonders if he really wants hell to be his final destination saying, "That summons thee to heaven or to hell." This shows the last moment of indecision before he commits the crime telling us his actions will dictate his fate (1.3). With these indecisions, Lady Macbeth assures he stays on focus by manipulating and bullying him into committing the murders of the King and chambermaids (Shakespeare). She accomplishes this by claiming she would do it if the King did not look like her father and reminding Macbeth that this act is necessary for him to become King (Shakespeare). She also supports Macbeth when suspicions point to him by fainting, which distracts the men (Shakespeare). Throughout the process of his becoming King, Lady Macbeth acts as Macbeth 's backbone by allowing him to not think of anything other than becoming king, which allows him to complete the harmful acts that quickly lead him to the crown…show more content…
Without the prophecy, being king would be a distant reality for him, but after hearing it, he realizes becoming king is in his future (Shakespeare). Although the when was unknown, he decides the time himself, allowing him to take the title much quicker (Shakespeare). If the prophecy were absent in this story, then Macbeth would have had no promise of his future, and he would have not been convinced that his actions would lead him to a great reward (Shakespeare). However, with the prophecy in play, it allows for him to act upon his ambitions with the quick actions of murdering the King (Shakespeare). Although, with the ambitions, comes the doubt of going through with the plan and creating a future with a certain end result of hell (Shakespeare). Lady Macbeth 's support and confidence in his abilities strengthens his resolve and convinces him that his actions are a necessary factor in being king (Shakespeare). If the support had ceased to exist, then Macbeth would have lost all of his resolve because in the midst of carrying out murder, he hesitates (Shakespeare). Lady Macbeth 's words are the ones that push him to finish it (Shakespeare). Macbeth 's hasty ascension to the throne is the product of harmful decisions created by pressure from a loved one, not unlike family dramas in the news
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