Essay On Ambient Air Pollution

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A strong dose-response relationship between particulate air pollution and adverse health effects in urban New Zealand has been reported in literature. The results of the study undertaken by Richardson, Pearce and Kingham (2011) indicate that modest reductions in PM10 are likely to have significant health benefits for the population, mainly reducing the incidence of respiratory disease mortality. Under the Resource Management Act 1991, the Ministry for the Environment provides Ambient Air Quality Guidelines for regional councils and unitary authorities to manage the ambient air in their region. Therefore, the Auckland Council is in charge of ensuring that the ambient air in Auckland is clean and healthy and doesn’t contain excessive levels of pollutants by undertaking stringent monitoring of the air, creating and implementing policies and plans, developing awareness of air quality issues and writing regulations to reduce air pollution. Auckland Council’s monitoring of ambient air pollution levels is to ensure that concentrations of particulate pollutants are within National Environme...

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