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Alternate Energy Questions - Jessica Smart 1. Why are alternative energy sources becoming more important in today’s world? In today’s world, we are beginning to notice how valuable alternative energy sources truly are and the benefits they provide us with. We have noticed that they are not only helping our economy but also the environment, this is because renewable sources have a low impact on the environment, they are clean, abundant and allow accessibility more jobs (this includes plant production, processes and repairs). 2. Why have alternate energy sources such as wind or solar not become a larger part of the energy make up for our country? What must change for these energy sources to become more important? For our country, alternate energy sources have not been a part of our total energy make up because we have an abundant supply of other energy supplies such as oil and natural gas. The majority of Canadians do not turn to alternate sources like wind or solar because we have such a large quantity of reliable non-renewable sources which we are familiar and comfortable with. To reduce the overall amount of non-renewable energy sources we consume, we must realize that changing the habits of our daily lives will benefit ourselves and our environment. To do this, we must not be dependent on oil or natural gas and begin relying on other sources such as solar or wind power. 3. What are the effects of using non-renewable energy sources, such as burning coal to produce electricity, on the local environment? What are the effects of burning coal on a global level? Burning coal to produce electricity for a local environment can have negative outcomes for the surroundings which can be unpleasant; this may include a loss of land due t... ... middle of paper ... ...ifferent cords, source of power – potatoes, and even what I was actually powering - LED) and nothing seemed to work. 7. How could your model have been improved? If you could do it again what would you change? To improve my model amperage would need to be present. The potatoes were able to create enough voltage to power up an LED (approximately .6 volts/potato) and when connecting more potatoes, this generated even more power. But one thing it was missing to power up the LED and other appliances I used (such as a clock, watch and mp3 player) was amperage. The reason I chose to power up an object using potatoes is because it’s been said that it can be done, there are various videos and methods to do this. So, if I were to do this experiment again, I would probably use more people’s information and try different techniques and methods to see if it truly is possible.

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