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Wonder-Oz For my paper I wanted to compare the works of Alice in wonderland and the wizard of oz. these are books and movies we have discussed in class, which has a lot of similarities as well as their differences. We will be looking at summaries of each story, next the use of animals and then going into the writing styles and usage of word play, and finally the journey taking by each main character. Both stories are fun to read and watch for interpretations of each. Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in wonderland which is about a little Victorian girl named Alice who was reading next to her kitten under a tree until she got bored and had a dream (but doesn't realize she's asleep) that she followed a rabbit. The rabbit went into this hole and that's the whole scene where she's floating down slowly while looking at everything around her. That’s how she enters wonderland. There, she sees a bunch of weird stuff. Mainly, she's trying to find the rabbit and follow it because he keeps saying that he's late for something and she's curious and stuff. Then she stumbles upon all this trouble and she wishes to go home to the place where everything is familiar, comfortable, and normal. (Actually, she's already home, but asleep.) Lewis Carroll employs the use of puns throughout the novel. His novel was based on stories he told to a ten year old girl and her sisters. The jokes that the talking animal are mostly form of puns and riddles that a ten year old school child would understand Frank Baum wrote The Wizard Of Oz. The book tells the story of Dorothy Gale, a girl from Kansas who gets swept away to the magical Land of Oz during a tornado. While in the Land of Oz, she befriends a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, and a Cowardly Lion, defeats the Wicked Witc... ... middle of paper ... ... to teach little kids besides using their wicked imagination, which is not a bad thing. However, I think that “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” has more of a plot and a point. Dorothy basically does goodness and kindness to those who are living in despair: Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and the crowdedly lion. There is a so-called happy ending with this story compared to Alice being in wonderland. This story teaches children lessons like: being helpful and kind to others. Both stories are fun to read and watch the film interpretations of each. Now while I have no doubt that both the hero’s journey and its influence on literatures exist, I have no problem believing that there is only one story, and the difference between stories, are merely the writers view points and the scenario. I easily agree that when it comes to Alice In Wonderland and Wiz Of Oz, they are one in the same.

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