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The Preventable Syndrome A small child is born with facial features resembling those with Down’s syndrome, yet it is not Down’s syndrome, it is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The difference is this child could have been born without it’s affliction. Mothers who consume alcohol during pregnancy can result in their child having fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). According to the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS), FAS afflict about 40,000 infants each year. This is about the same as Autism and afflicts more babies than Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, SIDS, Cystic Fibrosis, and Spina Bifida all together. According to NOFAS, “ Alcohol use during pregnancy is the leading preventable cause of birth defects, developmental disabilities, and learning disabilities.” Any alcohol consumed goes right from the mother to the fetus she is carrying inside no matter what type of alcohol it is. This type of liquid cannot be processed by babies and causes serious effects on a child for the rest of their lives. FAS has been afflicting innocent children decades before it was ever recognized. However, with the research that is now done on this syndrome we now have ways of treating those with the condition and steps are put in place to prevent it. The study of infants with abnormalities related to alcoholic mothers was researched by many before its official title was coined in 1973. Professors David Smith and Kenneth Lyons Jones invented the official diagnosis “fetal alcohol syndrome”. Smith and Jones researched the effects of alcohol on children whose mothers drank during pregnancy and came to the conclusion that this “in utero alcohol exposure” had affected the children with issues concerning both physical and mental growth. They noticed that... ... middle of paper ... ...ed. Paul Lemoine was the first pediatrician to notice the defects of babies with alcoholic mothers. About thirty years after studying this issue, Lemoine followed up with his first cases to see how they were functioning as adults. The results were, “Of the 127 individuals, 105 were living in institutions. A number were profoundly mentally retarded, and others suffered from a variety of emotional disorders. (Golden, Message 8)” This reveals the significance of drinking while pregnant and it’s effects on future generations. A regimented treatment has proven to be the best treatment for people with FAS. An assessment done on adults with FAS showed that afflicted individuals behaved with less impairment when there was a high level of structure. This structure was induced through an acquired routine, structure appointed by an adult, and a reduced amount of distraction.

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