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Al Capone’s career in Chicago

In the 1920s, Al Capone Came to Chicago and expanded his criminal system. He came to spark many problems that affected the way that the police and jury members, expanding the justice system in Chicago. What made Al Capone come to Chicago? Why was so feared and hated by other gang members? Why did he start organized crimes? And who supplied him with weapons?
This essay is going to talk about why Al Capone came to Chicago. To talk about how his underground criminal organization confused the police and made them look so harmless as more homicides occurred in Chicago. Capone had a big role in taking advantage of the 18th amendment, the prohibition of alcohol. The 18th Amendment was passed because alcohol made America look too filthy and the government worried about its reputation.
With many other gangsters, Al Capone started the road of money making by selling alcohol to the citizens, just like before, but this time it was illegal and costs much more money than it was sold before. Al Capone wanted all the power to himself, so he established the idea of illuminating his rivals, the people that practically stole money off his wallet. The killing ideas became too serious, promoting many police searches , but with so many places to hide, Al Capone continued running his organization with the assistant of his good friends.

The 18th Amendment of the United States was passed in October 28, 1919, but became effective in 1920. It made the sale, manufacturing, and transportation of alcohol illegal. The prohibition started because alcohol made the country look abnormal, sick, and dirty. The drunk people in the streets and their actions reflected on the United ...

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...n’t get evidence for him killings, they got the right evidence for his many years of tax evasion. Al Capone was sentenced to eleven years in prison and was sent to the famous and inescapable, Alcatraz federal prison.

Al Capone’s spent 11 years in Alcatraz after his trial. He said “It was my own fault, publicity, that’s what got me”. Al Capone lost a lot of power as he was in prison, no one thought about his come back because 11 years looked so much to them. Even Capone’s own men left their positions and started forming their own gangs and their own systems. When Al Capone got out of jail, things were not the same, he didn’t have much power because he now has a lot less people and the ones who stayed with Al Capone were too patient and loyal. The power of Al Capone was too weak and couldn’t grow so he left everything as it is and retired, he had enough in life.
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