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Cruising on a seven-forty-seven, a frequent occurrence in current American society, but a pretty young industry in the broad scope of the United States’ history. It was only a little over one hundred years ago that the first airplane glided for twelve seconds. The impact of air travel can clearly be examined by looking at how humanity operated and communicated without it, how flight was innovated, and how the aviation industry changed different aspects of american life on a national scale. To best begin the explanation of the airplane’s timeframe, we must first understand what life without the airplane was like. Prior to 1903, Americans relied solely on boats, trains and cars to get them to their desired destination. The method used by most Americans, during the…show more content…
The idea of flight can be traced back thousands of years ago. Even in the most widely distributed book, the Bible, can found discussing the idea of air travel. Revelation describes the sighting of an angel: “Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on earth- to every nation, tribe, language and people.”[1] The angel in this Bible verse used its ability of flight to communicate with those all across the world, similarly to how society today uses aviation as a means of transportation of people, information and goods. For years people had been trying to find way to get up into the air. The quest of air travel was in full force and “At the turn of the twentieth century, many people believed that the bicycle would lead the way to human flight” [2] People would strap homemade wings onto their bicycles in hopes of getting up off of the ground. Many died trying to find new ways to get into the air. These deaths weren’t pointless though, they all contributed to the pool of knowledge which benefited the Wright Brothers on their quest for
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