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The airline industry being the fastest means of transportation plays a vital role in the Nigerian economy in multifaceted dimensions. As noted by Jacobson (2004) airline operations have several dimensions to it namely, first, it enhances globalization and increases economic cooperation among nations. Next, it facilitates international movement of goods, services and factors of production. Thirdly, it creates its impact by directly providing job opportunities and indirectly by creation of opportunities for travel and hospitality sector of an economy. “Jobs in hotels, resorts, restaurants and car rental agencies, just to mention one small part of the economy, depend to differing degrees on the health of the airline industry” (Jacobson 2004). Last but not the least, airline industry impacts other industries such as manufacturing and tourism. The advent technological advancement and globalization has revolutionized the workplace and global economy respectively. This has rapidly transformed the global economy which continually is shaping the modus operandi of the globalized-trade liberalization. Hence, the crucial need to diagnose and examine the issues and challenges involved in deploying the use of computerized platforms as workplace tools in enhancing performance and productivity respectively. Therefore, investment into attracting, retention, developing and motivating competent employees could drive organizational developmental growth in order to achieve competitive edge and successful to facilitate corporate survival. However, computerized reservation system has become a hindrance rather than fostering the organizational goals and objectives respectively. Hence, this is one of the banes of airline operators in less developed c... ... middle of paper ... ...ilitates improved revenue, and, also enhances administrative operations of airlines. Therefore, one justification of information technology is its has ensured that information is regularly disseminated in order to conform with openness and better enlightenment and use of information management respectively. The proliferation of the internet, as a main stream communication media and as an infrastructure for airline operators activities and businesses transactions has generated a wide range of strategic implications for aviation industry in general as well as the transport and tourism industries in particular, (Li-Hua and Khalil, 2006). In addition, the examination of computerized reservation would create awareness on the need for technology which has enabled the availability of information, cashless transaction, minimal contact with potential passengers, and so on.

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