Essay On Air Pollution

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Waking up in a hazardous air quality wouldn’t be where I would want to wake up in the morning. Well, for people in China they have no choice. Toxic air in China has developed form pollution. In China, people have to avoid any outdoor activity. Tourists decide not to take a trip to China because of the pollution and poor air quality. Breathing in this kind of air is not only scary but extremely unhealthy. Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that the air you breathe in could possibly kill you. People in China are living like that now. Northern China has the dirtiest air, because of coal-powered industries, electricity generation and steel manufacturing. Li Guixin, a Chinese man that in a city near Beijing called Shijiazhuang filed a law suit on air pollution. He filed it because it was affecting his health and economic losses. He had bought masks, air purifier and etc. to prevent the polluted air from damaging him but that still doesn’t help. Li doesn’t only want to file a law suit for himself but to show everyone what they are living in, "I want show every citizen that we a...

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