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Aging is term used when describing an individual of an older nature. According to Anderson, (2010), the aging procedure occurs throughout an individual’s lifespan. All individuals are all associated in this procedure and none can avoid it. When an individual is young, aging is connected with development, maturation, and uncovering. Many individual capabilities max prior age 30, while other capabilities are ongoing through life. The aging procedure also produces collective and inner change and deprivation into individuals lives. However, as individual’s age, older members of the family die, while some friends may become weak and pass away. Some mental abilities are well preserved into elderly age. From premature adulthood, there is a reduction in mental fields such as processing tempo, logical thinking, recollection and decision making activities, few of which is foundation by a decrease in a common cognitive components (Anstey, Stankov, & Lord, 1993). A comprehension of standard physiological aging is a theory by the growth in illness related with expanding sequential age. Age-relate...

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