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The idea of favoritism in Roman/Greek literature is very renowned . It is most noticeable in The Aeneid of Virgil. In the Aeneid, in the times when the gods are angry they peer down onto the world from Olympus and do what they can to disrupt the flow of life. In the Epic of Aeneas, a Trojan War hero, a few gods are working to either help him, or are doing everything in their all mighty power to disrupt his journey. On Aeneas' side was Venus, the goddess of love, who is Aeneas’ mom as well. She give all the help and assistance that she can further assist Aeneas’ journey, and she works hard to keep Juno’s anger at Aeneas at bay and keep him as safe as possible. A perfect example of Venus’ guidance for Aeneas was when she prays for a safe journey to Italy for Aeneas: Permit this remnant to entrust their sails safely across the waters. Let them reach Laurentine Tiber if what I beseech Is just, if fate has given them those walls. This is one of the few times that Venus uses the power she holds to aid Aeneas. She wishes to see that Aeneas is safe from outside force that'll make the journey unsuccessful. In a hole, Venus doesn't wish to see any misfortune to come to her boy, and she shall do whatever she can to word off Juno and keep him safe and thus favoring Aeneas and will see that his mission victorious. Regardless of the amount of assistance Aeneas gains, there are many barriers standing in the way of his destined journey to Rome. Juno, the queen of the gods and Zeus' sister, does everything in her power to prevent the Trojans, but mainly Aeneas, from accomplishing his journey to Italy and succeeding at his fate.No matter what she tries many times over the epic to make Aeneas fail but she knows that she cannot directly interf... ... middle of paper ... ...favor Aeneas per say but he saw that he had a destiny to do something and did not wish to see it ruined by his wife/sister, also he did not want him to succeed without trouble, he is the great balance, the holder of the great scales of fate as said in the end of the epic. People are influenced or directed heavily by the gods power. They continuously struggled to better themselves in the eyes of the gods. They had seen their powers and capabilities and feared being looking down upon by them. The Aeneid provide ideal examples of this. Aeneas was the recipient of both approval and disapproval of gods. The gods are very powerful beings and use ability to provide and destroy. Being favored by these gods would be in ones best interest. On a whole, the gods were a force never to be messed with and no one has ever wanted to do anything to “step on the toes” of a god.
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