Essay On Advantages Of Solar Energy

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What are the Environmental Advantages of Solar Energy? Solar energy is one of the useful resources, which do not impact on the environment. Today, most people use fossil fuel, which is nonrenewable and cause pollution, rather than other sources. Also, fossil fuel can make the air unhealthy by releasing carbon dioxide; therefore, solar energy is great because it is renewable energy and it is replaced. Solar energy has many uses some of them can be dangerous and some of them can be useful and helpful for the environment; therefore, there are environmental advantages of solar energy. Overall, solar energy is an alternative source and can be used in many ways: to protect the environment since it is non-polluting and clean, can be used in remote…show more content…
For example, people may charge their electric cars in the morning with the sunlight, and during the night the electric cars will work by saving the power from the morning; as a result, solar power runs for a long time, and people may do their work without doing any problems for the environment. Furthermore, solar energy does not use any equipment to work such as wires or cords unlike other sources like wind energy. For instance, solar power can be at the roof of the house without using any equipment, and without taking any space. On the other hand, Louwen, Sark, Schropp, Turkenburg, and Faaij (2015) stress that solar cells need to replace the material that is used or decrease the amount of the equipment used such as silver and indium since they are used in silicon cells. This might negatively impact the environment and the production cost (p. 1407). Overall, solar energy can be used as a renewable energy to reduce the pollution and protect the environment from the harmful gasses, and can be used without access to power
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