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Brycen Pentecost
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4 April 2014
Period 7
Adam Sandler is a huge major icon in America. Although he is most known for his movies, he is much more than a actor. Adam released several comical titles, and even a few songs! He never really knew what he was going to do with his life. That's when his brother suggested comedy. This biography will show that Adam Sandler gives a lot to the movie and entertainment world.
As a boy Adam lived a pretty good life. He had a small family. He lived with his brother Scott, father Stan, and two sisters Elizabeth and Valerie. (Bio 1) They lived in a small town in New Hampshire where there was not a lot to do. As a young one, Sandler was loved watching movies. This was one of the reasons why he got into comedy.
At the age of seventeen Adam had no idea what to do with his life until his brother suggested he should take on the career of comedy. ( 1) He went to a few bars on open mic night. He told a few jokes and made some people smile. He knew he wasn't good, but he also knew he could do better. He did this multiple times before he good any good. He also was able to learn humor from his favorite childhood movie "Caddyshack." He rehearsed and began to tell more funny jokes. He started to play the famous MTV game show "Remote Control." Until Lorne Michaels a producer from Saturday Night Live watched one of Adam's shows seeing that Adam had the talent to become the next big star.( 1 ) Of course that would not be until later in his life. Adam Sandler was recruited to SNL to be shown to the world. He Played and still plays a lot of roles in...

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...s a bond between me and my dad. I never really get to see him anymore so it’s nice to have something that reminds me of the old days.

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