Essay On Active Attacks

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Active Attacks
This is in contrast to passive attacks and in such a type of attack the attacker would not just intercept the message, but even modify it. An active attack can be defined as an attack where unauthorized individuals make modifications to messages, data streams or files (Tom Karygiannis, 2002). One of the main reasons for such attacks to be deadly is that even if we can detect them we are not always sure about how to avoid them. Active attacks are follows under this category:

1. Masquerading
In such type an attack an unauthorized, user would pose as a genuine user and would gain access to private information about the organization. In this, the attacker gain access of the system or will have more privileges then they are actually
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Organizations who deal with sensitive customer related data should take extreme precautions when transferring data from one location to another and make sure that those transmissions data are secure and under the protection of the authorized user. Since wireless technology is new in the market but has become almost inexpensive, it is gaining more popularity in all type of businesses. The inexpensive device brings the threat of security into the system and it becomes of utmost importance that no information leak happens in any form. The strength of a computer system’s security is always measured by its weakest component (Loo, 2008). Thus all the users should be given appropriate training on how to use secure their data when they are at home or at the corporate premises. A combined effort of users, employers and system administrators is required in order to fight against such malicious activities. Appropriate countermeasures in every form can help the organization minimize the risk of illegal penetration. Up to date tools, constant monitoring, proper management and appropriate countermeasures are all the ultimate weapons to fight against the wireless security