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The world has changed around us in the twenty-first century, not only has the cellular phones become smarter, the technology around us has grown that cars can park themselves. So, where does this leave us when it comes to an Accounting Professions. In the 1930s an accountant 's job was very difficult; accountants did not have any computers to input all the information. The accountants did everything by hand; such as the journal entries and calculations of a company 's inventory. Furth more; if there was a mistake the accountant would have to start from the beginning, therefore; what has exactly changed. No matter how you try to change the accounting principles are highly alike. The last ten years have accounting professions have brought changes…show more content…
What took accountants days or weeks to compared to the electric machines whereas it took minutes. IBM 's "Electric Accounting Machine (EAM) division operated in 79 countries throughout the world and maintained some 80 sales offices throughout the United States". The military was one government office that used the EAM. The person who operated the EAM also known as the Punched Card System kept track of everyone and everything for the military in the beginning of World War II. Before computers, the EAM was doing the credited and debited of accounting. The machines used before the advancement of technology were big and bulky. There are several machines that do several different jobs that nowadays we take for granted how useful a computer can be. The Bulletin of the National Retail Dry Goods Association, a 1932 advertisement informs store owners…show more content…
SEC Chief Accountant Earle King expressed an "all inclusive" method, whereas all items are included in the net income excluding capital transactions(SEC).
Accountants professions are not for the kind hearted, these skills pose a certain type of person. In the beginning, many figured that an accountant 's job was just keying in numbers and adding those numbers in a calculator, however, accountant duties are more than that. Accountants duties consist of preparing assets, liabilities, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information. Moreover, an accountant skills are put to the test every day they enter the workplace. One little mistake from an accountant can tarnish a company and the accountant reputation.
As we have seen, accounting professions have changed throughout the years from inputting transactions manually to the use of technology. Neither method is better than the other all attempts from an accountant to record transaction reports and serves the needs of both the financial and company 's purposes is all that is relevant, however to get the job done the fastest is the modern way is the most helpful for the fact that a simple transaction that takes minutes now would have taken an accountant days or weeks to

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