Essay On Acceptance Of Self

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“Jesus’ death, he said, broke down the temple barriers, dismantling the dividing walls of hostility that had separated categories of people. Grace found a way” (Yancey). Throughout this class I was constantly reminded of this undeserved gift of grace that we receive on a daily basis, and how we play a role in extending grace to others. I have been challenged to become more flexible in situations where it is hard to extend grace to the undeserving, but this class has helped me understand grace through a new perspective, one that puts my own desires aside in order to be the creation God intended me to be. Grace is not only something we receive as a gift but it 's a gift that I can give to others.
Acceptance of self and of others was a topic that becomes clearer to me as we spent time in discussion and conversation. I always thought that once we can learn to accept those around us we are able to accept ourselves, however I had learned it’s much harder that way. Acceptance of self is huge in
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If I can begin to understand the importance of relationships and the various ways that I can build and undermine trust than I am able to learn how to apply this when I interact with people from a different culture. Throughout this class, week after week, we continue to bring everything we discuss back to the main point of “Is what I am doing, thinking, or saying, building trust or undermining trust?” This was a question I had never thought to ask myself before, and as I apply this into my personal life I can see how important it is when building relationships with people. Though I don’t see myself getting on the next flight to another country or a place that is culturally different than mine, I know that the tools that I have learned in this class can be used right now in the ministry that I am involved in, in my workplace, and in relationships with those who may be
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