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The past and present issues affecting Aboriginal poverty, has long been a concern to social work services. Uncovering how these issues cause poverty is significant, because it tell us why Indigenous people are affected the way they are. This essay discusses the underlying issues that result in Aboriginal poverty, focusing in particular on first, describing material and non- material poverty, second the loss of land, third pollution on Aboriginal environment, fourth exclusion from social provisions and fourth, how practitioners can address these issues. Overall, it is argued through the literature that poverty is a large issue affecting many Indigenous Australians lives in Australia. Material and non-material poverty are vital factors in understanding the extent that Indigenous Australians face poverty. Material poverty refers to the deprivation of basic human needs (Taylor, 1993). Whereas, non-material poverty consists of components of deprivation not directly caused by lack of income, but include factors such as lack of family support (Taylor, 1993). In an article by Choo (1990) it emphasises that Indigenous communities suffer immensely from non-material factors of poverty, including the loss of children through their removal, and the loss of dignity and self-respect through oppression over the years. It was also stated that material poverty was also substantial in communities this includes both income poverty and non- income indicators of poverty such as housing and health. It is important to have an understanding of the full extent of the issue to fully comprehend the discussion. The history of indigenous peoples disadvantage began with the dispossession of land. Indigenous people were stripped off their hunting grounds and ... ... middle of paper ... ...he research approach helps address the issue by frequently improving the program. By researching literature, it has been found that poverty is a large issue affecting many Indigenous Australians lives. These examples of issues causing Indigenous poverty have found, that the loss of land faced by Indigenous Australians both historically and now is resulting in Aboriginal poverty, the pollution on the environment causes Indigenous poverty by affecting their health and isolating them and the exclusions of social provisions that Indigenous Australians face do not allow for a healthy wellbeing, evidently resulting in poverty. Overall, to address the issues one must be culturally appropriate. A research approach can also be effective in addressing the issue. Therefore, the issues must be addressed so Indigenous Australians can have fairness amongst all areas of life.

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