Essay On Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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Abigail Williams was the most courageous character in The Crucible, because she did many things that were against Salem's ideology. “...for she will not sit so close to something so close to something soiled” (Miller 11). That quote was Reverend Parris to his niece, Abigail Williams. She was viewed as a heathen and rejected socially within the parish. She was very courageous because she pushed past her status and made change within Salem to get what she wanted. Abigail Williams had an affair with John Proctor. That was one of the most dangerous things to do in Salem. Salem, in 1692, was fully run by Puritanism. That was called a ideology. Because the Puritans essentially ran the town, doing anything against the religion was very dangerous. “Abby, you'll put it out of mind. I’ll not be coming’ for you more”(Miller 21). That was John Proctor to Abigail…show more content…
But Giles had something to stand for, Abigail was hated in the town “...for if he denied the charge they hang him surely, and auction out his property. So he stand mute, and died Christian under the law. And so his sons will have his farm ”(Miller 135). Giles Corey gave up his life so that his family could keep his land. If he was courageous he would have kept his life and given up his land to help his wife raise his children and earn a living. Instead, he gave up his life cowardly because he wanted his family to keep his land. Giles Corey is worth more to his family alive than the land he died for. His intention were good in heart, but clearly not thought out well enough. Abigail was more courageous because she didn't have a family she was protecting, Abigail didn't have anyone to support her. Abigail was alone and fighting for the causes she wanted with little to no help. Courageous people take risk. Giles Corey took the easy way out and left his family to starve, while Abigail took the hard way and got what she
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