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Most people nowadays know about psychological disorders such as ADHD, autism, and asperger syndrome, yet most people have found out by people close to them and yet they do not realize that psychological disorders are a rising issue. In this research project I will explain how ADHD is a rising problem. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood disorders and can continue through adulthood. Symptoms include difficulty of staying focused and paying attention to a subject, difficulty controlling behavior, and hyperactivity (over-activity). ADHD is a very serious problem arising in the world among us and most of us do not realize it until it is too late to treat it. ADHD makes it hard for children to sit still and learn regularly with the other children. When a child with ADHD is in the same learning environment as a child without ADHD the child will have a hard time to stay with the other one. Studies reveal that a person's risk of developing ADHD is higher if a close relative also has/had it. Studies have indicated that ADHD is highly heritable. We also know that ADHD is much less common in girls than boys. The scientific world generally accepts that ADHD is biological in nature. Many well known and reputable scientists believe ADHD is the result of chemical imbalances in the brain. Some studies have indicated that food additives, mainly some colorings, may have a factor on ADHD behaviors. Several studies have looked at a multitude combination of food additives and their possible effects on hyperactivity and ADHD, but it is not clear which ones might affect their behavior. About ten percent of ADHD children show reduced symptoms when their sugar and additive intake have been minimi... ... middle of paper ... ... children with ADHD feel drunk or high, although some kids report feeling slightly weird or "funny." Although some parents worry that stimulant medications may lead to substance abuse or dependency, there is little evidence of this accusation. A growing number of teenagers and young adults are abusing prescription stimulants to boost their study performance in an effort to improve their grades in school. If you know someone that has ADHD try to give assistance in school, work, anything else they would need help in. If you did not care for my speech, at least think about what I am about to say. If you help someone in need, you will be rewarded with the magical “thank you.” There is nothing more rewarding than that, because it can lead to a great friendship later in your life. ADHD is closer than you think and it will keep spreading until we research a cure for it.
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