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Introduction: There are two types of motors dc motors and AC induction motors, the two motors have both the same function to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy but the difference is the type pf power which is used in each motor the DC motors use the direct current while the AC induction motors use the alternating current. The speed of the two motors is varied the DC motor use armature current to control it while the AC induction motor is being controlled by the frequency. The AC motors is classified into two types the first type is induction motor which is operated by applying the magnetic field on the rotor while the other type is synchronous motor which is rotating at the supply frequency but the speed and velocity of synchronous motor is higher than the induction motors. There are two types of induction motors single phase induction motor and 3-phase induction motor, first will talk about single phase induction motor it is used in small applications compared to the 3-phase induction motor so it can be used in houses and shops as in our daily life machines as: fans, vacuum cleaner and pumps, The single is different than 3-phase as it has no torque starting. The second type for the induction motor is The 3-phase induction motor is one of the most important electric motors used due to its good properties as it is so simple, best construction and lower cost, also it can be started by self so no need for an external device to start it and finally it has high reliability and high thermal efficiency so it is the 3-phase induction motor has many characteristics which is better than the single phase induction motor. We are going to talk in this research about the three phase induction motor and its machine constructio... ... middle of paper ... ... a little current. In induction motors, this present comes from the rotor conductors. The revolving magnetic earth produced in the stator cuts across the conductive bars of the rotor and induces an e.m.f. The windings of the rotor which is being used due to the force of an external resistance tend to be directly shorted or closed which will lead in changing the direction of the rotor current in the other direction of the rotating magnetic field which is resulted from the stator and at the end a torque will be resulted in the rotor. As a reult, the rotor speed will not reach the synchronous speed of the r.m.f in the stator. If the speeds match, there should be no e.m.f. generated in the rotor, no present should be flowing, and consequently no torque should be generated. The difference between the stator (synchronous speed) and rotor speeds is known as the slip.

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