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914 words

Two innocent women trapped in a peculiar world of delusion, inmates in the prisons of their minds, struggling to break free. The short stories “A Rose for Emily “and “The Yellow Wallpaper” draw us into a world where the female characters have become emotionally distraught, and brought to the verge of insanity. Many read these stories, and find themselves sympathetic for the women. They sympathizing about how the choices and thoughts of the men in their lives lead them down their paths of destruction. But is this really the case? Are they really the cause of their insanity, or is someone or something driving their emotions? What role do they play on the mental state of their beloved women? Perhaps these men and women are just caught up in unfortunate situations. Is it possible to argue that what drove them insane was love? The male characters portray a significant domineering presence in these stories. When sensing the Prevailing male, usually the submissive female becomes quiet and somewhat intimidated, she waits for him to decide, what to do, where to go, and how to do it, she will never interrupt him, and will likely turn to him as an advisor when she is dealing with personal struggles. This is found in the narration of the “The Yellow Wall Paper” when the narrator is writing in her journal she interrupts her train of thought to write in a statement made by her husband John; who is advising her as a doctor, as if he was present in the room. “But John says if I feel so I shall neglect proper self-control; so I take pains to control myself-before him at least, and that makes me very tired” (Gilman pg 275). At the end of a rose for Emily the reader finds themselves sympathizing about how her life ended up, and how it all could ... ... middle of paper ... ...he eventual results the male dominating characters create, even if they have they had right intentions is a breakdown of the women’s psyche. John’s wife ends up going crazy and tearing the wall paper off the wall, in doing so she is able to break free from his domination. The last lines in the story have her walking over top of him as if he is nothing to her anymore. Homer Barron is found dead in the upstairs room of Emily’s house in what appears to be a murder, not only is he denied a proper burial he is left to rot away locked in a place that only Emily has the key to open. Most of us, even if we don't mean to, do at times try to control the people we are close to. When you try to control someone, you are attempting to take away the choice of how he or she wants to behave. Eventually these actions will erode the relationship and the consequences can be dramatic.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the short stories "a rose for emily" and "the yellow wallpaper" draw us into a world where the female characters have become emotionally distraught and brought to the verge of insanity.
  • Analyzes how the male characters portray a domineering presence in these stories. when sensing the prevailing male, the submissive female becomes quiet and intimidated.
  • Analyzes how william faulkner felt sympathy for emily because she wanted to have a normal southern woman's life, but her father chased all her suitors away and essentially doomed her. sympathy might better be placed with the male characters.
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