Essay For Sop For Computer Engineering

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“Expectations and uncertainty are the joys of life”. I am filled with a sense of déjà vu as I bring my pen down to fill in the application form. “Every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is the triumph of enthusiasm – Nothing great was ever achieved without it”. With this enthusiasm, I set to seek what I require to enhance my knowledge, right from school to under graduation and now into post-graduation.
Goals and aspirations
To pursue higher education in Computer Engineering by doing my Masters in an esteemed university, and thereby make a mark in the field. My aspiration is to acquire the wisdom from the knowledge and thereby give it back to the scientific community in specific and mankind in general in the long run.
Academic Background
With a sound school background I have successfully completed my 10 years of schooling and secured 85.3% in my X standard. My innate strengths have been my quantitative and analytical abilities, which instilled in me a special interest in mathematics and made me to take up mathematics, physics and chemistry as my majors in my pre-university education wherein I secured an aggregate of 88.9%. I took up Electronics and Electrical as my discipline from CVR College of Engineering, affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, one of the premier institutes in India and was graduated with 65.96%. Comfortable with the tools like MATLAB, PSPICE, PSIM, MSOffice, Operating Systems like Windows7/8/XP/2003
Professional Experience
Working as a Software Engineer at MphasiS, an HP Company since July 2011 with technical proficiency in C, ORACLE and JAVA programming languages
Why Masters?
The 4 years of undergraduate education have been a great learning and enriching process for me. ...

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... my interests. This particular course curriculum will surely help me to attend my future goal. I feel that my association with this university would certainly help me throughout my career. Also, few of my B.Tech. Professors strongly encouraged me to apply to your program. I am confident that given an opportunity, I will be able to make significant mark in my field of study.
Summing up
I have a strong desire to learn the new concepts, and self-reliance to face challenges put forth under any circumstances. And more over I strongly believe that a master’s degree from your university will be a deciding factor in shaping my future. I shall be elated if an opportunity is given to me to pursue my masters at your university. I am confident that the technical knowledge that I procured along with my undergraduate studies will help me in my graduate studies at your institution.