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On May 17th, 2014, I walked across the stage at SUNY College at Buffalo a proud graduate earning a bachelor’s degree. With my background as a Jamaican born young woman from a single parent home, that day would see unimaginable for some people. However, with much dedication, and overcoming insurmountable obstacles that day became a reality for both myself and my family. My accomplishments during my undergraduate study has prepared me for the challenges of graduate school. Accomplishments such as excelling course studies, awards for excellent research and writing, on campus publications of historical research papers and volunteer work. As a freshman student, I participated in volunteer work at the Hope Refugee Drop- in Center and it had an inconceivable…show more content…
Strengths developed during my involvement at the refugee center include the ability to adapt to both difficult and changing environments. The course load that I took on as an undergraduate makes me suitable for graduate school. The course load as a criminal justice major is similar to the social work curriculum. Many of the courses that I enrolled in as an undergraduate included social service impact on the community, especially those less sufficient communities. I believe that my undergraduate course load with my volunteer experience at the Hope Refugee Center prepared me to pursue my masters in social…show more content…
Reforms in both private and public sectors that will be beneficial to those who are in need. My goal is to find different ways to enhance the well-being of people within the society, specifically those who are financially disadvantaged. To find solutions to improve the quality of life for people who may live a life that is socially well. One specific way is to look into reforming the criminal justice system, which throughout history has played a significant role in destroying communities. The criminal justice has had major ramifications in destroying some communities. As a career goal, I would want to be instrumental in reforming this system, thus leading to safer and more advanced society. I realized growing up in school and church that I am a natural helper, I always try my best to help those in need. One specific thing I did growing up and in college was to volunteer my time to local soup kitchen to feed the hungry. Naturally I am a helper and I always want the society to progress and see our communities improve for not just now but for future generation. If you will accept into your graduate social work program, this will a start to my goal which is to help the lives of those around me and in the general

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