Essay For Chemical Engineering

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I find myself innately interested in Chemical Engineering. Every aspect of chemistry intrigues me especially in terms of creation and invention. Playing LEGO in my childhood days is the basis on how my enthusiasm towards invention has developed. Those building blocks made me believe that it is possible to create anything that I want. LEGO forced me to think creatively and critically on how to sort the blocks so my building did not fall down. Apart from that, helping my mother cooking regularly has increased my understanding of chemical combinations too. I have to deal with myriad ingredients to make the food taste better. If I put in the incorrect amount of ingredients, the taste will be altered, in most cases, for the worse. I could never hide my love as well as curiosity on how a molecule of salt can affect the cuisine. Thus, the idea of chemical invention has left me with a burning desire to learn more about Chemistry. Being a person who loves to solve problems and face obstacles, taking up chemical engineering will definitely be a big thrill. As my country is developing, I stron...

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