Essay About Volunteering

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Volunteering is an easy way for people in need to receive help, and an easy way for anybody that can help to do so. I love volunteering because helping others is uplifting and inspiring. Out of all the places that I have volunteered, going to New Orleans with MissionLab, a missions camp program, was the most rewarding. My church was responsible for watching the neighborhood’s children for four hours each morning, and we also helped clean up an elderly lady’s yard after a hurricane had destroyed it. Volunteering in New Orleans was a humbling experience for me because, despite the bad community that these people lived in, they were all very appreciative of what they had. This made me realize that I am blessed with everything that I take advantage of.…show more content…
As said by Rick Jervis, “An estimated 12,000 homeless accounts for 4% of New Orleans' estimated population of 302,000, according to the homeless advocacy group UNITY of Greater New Orleans” (Jervis). It was overwhelming seeing how many people lived under bridges and on the side of the roads, begging for food and money. Watching this happen from inside a church van made me feel guilty for ever complaining about being too hot, too cold, hungry, thirsty, or not having enough money to watch a movie at the theatre. To this day, I will catch myself complaining about petty things, and I have to remind myself of the conditions that the homeless people in New Orleans are living
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