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The entrepreneur I am doing is named Tyler Perry. He was born with the name of Emmitt Perry, Jr. in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 13, 1969. Tyler has accomplished many goals and achieved great doing. He produced the next play ‘I Can Do Bad All by Myself’ in the year of 2000, which was an almost instantly a hit. In the play ‘Madea’, the character which everything is based on/around, who was portrayed after his mother and was acted by Perry himself, took the show away. Perry’s most well-known film, which received multiple awards and nominations, is the romantic comedy-drama film ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’. Made with a healthy set budget of $5.5 million, the movie collected a huge amount of $50.6 million, at the box-office. Currently Tyler Perry is working in the filming industry. Tyler Perry comes from a not so good background. He had issues in his home and had a hard childhood. He suffered many years of abuse. He was one of four kids and his father was a carpenter. Perry thinks of his dad as a man to beat everything out of you for no reason and to feel as if beating was the only answer. During one point in his teenage life, he tried to commit suicide, but he changed his first name to Tyler since he had the same first name as his father at first. Perry completed elementary and middle school, but he soon dropped out high school. He received his general equivalency diploma later. In trying to find his way in professions he took part in many irrelevant jobs before his found the true passion he had. While watching an episode of Oprah Winfrey's talk show, Perry was influenced by a response on the program dealing with how writing about hard times could evolve to personal out comings. He began a series of letters to his own self,... ... middle of paper ... ...jects he has created. I do posses some similar qualities to that of Tyler Perry. We both have that passion in us to be great and make it somewhere big. We both don’t have to half do things and instead do them to the best of our abilities. I had dreams just like I’m sure Tyler Perry had. And we both also take that leadership ole naturally, and people just fall behind naturally as well. We take initiative and can approach events with open and broad mind set willing to use the criticism given o us by others to improve us. When I grow up, being an entrepreneur seems nice. I know I would have to become more accustomed to the different kinds of people in the world and be willing to work with them all effectively. Entrepreneurs have the characteristic of being one already built inside them. It takes someone with courage, understanding, and a mind willing to new things.

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