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Definition of teenage •: between 13 and 19 years old •: relating to people who are between 13 and 19 years old •: of, being, or relating to people in their teens Source: Merriam-Websters Learner 's Dictionary As this definition is true, it says nothing of the teenager themselves. It certainly does not prepare you for the teenager or explain their actions, their moods, their texting codes; m@*$, translation me at Starbucks. Who knew? Certainly not me. Teenagers are a whole different type of human, they are almost alien in some ways. That child you raised from birth now becomes someone different. An adolescent in the process of developing from child to adult. Sure, they are still our little darlings ...always will be ...but…show more content…
It doesn 't matter if Michelle Obama says so or not, healthy is not good. My son will skip lunch rather than eat healthy. Heaven for bid anything healthy would actually taste good! They may eat healthy food, at your request, but if you are not around ...back to junk food. His diet would consist of pizza, candy bars and packages of peanut butter crackers ...he could live off of those things! 7.Not Wearing Clothes Is A Thing - Okay, only around the house ...but still! Getting dressed on the weekend consists of a pair of boxer shorts. He walks by me to get a drink out of the fridge and I feel like I 'm in an episode of "In The Middle". I tell him to put on some clothes and he says his friends do it too. Teenagers! 8.It Is Not Cool To High Five Anymore - This one I have no problem with, as I was never a big fan ...but still I know adults who use the high-five at any given moment for various accomplishments, celebrations or other at-a-boy occasions that come around. Mom alert! Your teen will let you know that this is no longer…show more content…
They wanted to sweep, or mow or water the plants for me. Now, when I ask my teenager to do any of these things, I am met with a groan or moan and a million reasons why this is not a good idea for them. Gone are those days of Mother 's little helper! 10.If You Want To Get There Attention...Bring Up Christmas - Nothing gets the attention of my teenager quicker than to talk about Christmas gifts. Of course, I may have no intention of christmas shopping at that time ...but hey, they don 't have to know this now. I know, It 's bad...but clever. Just roll into what would you want for christmas, followed by well that may not happen if you don 't mow the lawn. Next thing you know your lawn mower is purring away ...guided by a reluctant teen who really wants an iPhone.
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