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Why have you selected teaching as a profession?
The reason I have become a teacher is twofold, it is grounded in my love of children and my passion for learning. I have aspired to become an educator since I was in grade school. From the moment, my children began school 13 years ago, I have been involved in the classroom in one role or the other. It has taken me 20 plus years to complete my degree in education, through each diversion I renewed my commitment to becoming an educator one day. With a history of social, economic and medical challenges within my own family, I believe that I am offered a unique perspective on the lives of my students. I understand the need to build authentic relationships with families and students, getting to know their concerns, helping them meet their needs, offering support and guidance, so that we can educate the whole child. To share my love of learning with my students is my greatest privilege. Having the opportunity to make a difference in one child’s life, build their confidence, watch them grow, not only academically but socially and physically, is why I have become a teacher
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Their commitment to excellence in education gave me the final push to complete my degree. Being engulfed in a culture where tough challenges are met and exceed in the classroom, on the playground and throughout the halls daily, encouraged me to complete the challenge I started so long ago and acquire my certification. As a classroom teacher, I look forward to sharing my passion for learning with my students through innovative instruction and mutual respect as I facilitate my students’ academic and personal

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