Essay About Successful College Life

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Once you graduated from high school, College life is going to hit you. College students should know the main reasons and idea of being successful college students. Because when they join college life it 's totally different than high school and harder and responsible. Although college students get motivated, they still have to suffer from their responsibilities. .I remember when I started my first semester at college. It was different and tougher than high school. I felt like life was punishing me for my decision of reaching higher goals and education. I started first as a full time student, but then it got even tougher to me because I had to manage my time between my work and school. Time management was my only enemy during my first semester. Work and school classes took most of my time, effort and energy. My life changed when I started college because it taught me a lot of…show more content…
The more motivation they get, the more responsibility and expectations they will gain in themselves. Students at high school had everything easy, but college the main responsibility is what they need. Students should be able to be mature and responsible so they can be aware of any failing in school. The main reasons of going to college is to success and be a useful person in society. The college student life is the challenging and motivated life any student can have. The smart student will be able to learn from it and be successful one and learn from it for his own. Or waste his time at technology and forget about his future. Learning is the weapon of success so be careful, of how to use it and learn to use it correctly. The students will learn from their college a life a very good and important knowledge and experience, that will be so helpful and effective I there real life and there successful life.
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