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The field of English is not an easy one to enter. English takes large head knowledge and big heart knowledge. Because of the nature of studying literature, one must possess a strong background of the ins and outs of English and be able to empathize with the writer and the characters in their context. While the study of English is often times difficult, with dedication one can not only succeed in the field, but also immensely enjoy English and all that it entails. While I was moving up through grade school, I was involved in many activities. Multiple sports and clubs such as golf, art, choir, basketball, and many others. There were few extracuriculars that I was not willing to participate in at least once. However, no matter what I was commited…show more content…
A wise proffessor once told me that the key to finishing a degree is to find something that you love studying and reminding yourself that you love it even when you feel overwhelmed. English is definitely an area of study that I adore. When I am reading a piece of literature that compels me to learn more about English and history and science and society and even myself, it fills me me with so much joy. The biggest forseeable obstacle in studying English in a higher learning institution is the amount of coursework that it entails. When I envision myself enrolled in four or more english classes in one semester with daily reading and regular writing assignments in all of them, I almost want to give up now because my tendancy to overcommit can make time management a difficult task. What keeps me going is reminding myself constantly that this is something I love and knowing that each of the amazing English teachers I have had throughout my education went through that same season of life and made it out alive with the help of incredibly smart professors and the organizational skills that they forced me to learn when I was under their instruction. Because of the Oklahoma Baptist University faculty, my education prior to college, and my goal to strive for an A no matter my GPA, study requirements, or schedule, I believe that I am equipped to complete my teacher education
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