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The idea of going to college outside of South Carolina, even studying outside of the country, has always seemed unreachable. My mother, father, or anyone in my immediate family is not able to tell me about an abroad trip in college. Leaving home and attending my mother’s former college has always been a goal of mine. Being accepted into College of Charleston was the pinnacle of my college career at that point. That changed a year ago when I found out that my roommate was applying to study in Spain. My roommate’s reason was solely that it would be a “good look” on her résumé for future employers. Getting to experience something unfamiliar is intriguing to me. What’s learned from this visit is something that’s better explained once someone has…show more content…
I will have the chance to explore global health issues, engage in community-based projects, and discover my individual passion for Public Health. Through interactive and project-based courses I will learn how Italy’s health care affects their local communities. Development in my professional career is a direct result of my academic achievements. They relate to each other and are an indication of who I am and what I can offer in a professional environment. How I apply what I gain in my academic life determines how well I succeed in my professional life. This abroad program is motivation to continue making myself familiar with multiple health areas; consequently that means being informed about various health fields. That helps to make me a competitive candidate for graduate school and the workforce. Getting field experience from the Health Promotion Lab will greatly impact my learning experience. Examining the educational, environmental, and economical supports of worksites, profit and non-profit agencies will further my experience abroad. Visiting historic monuments and museums, participating in cultural activities allows me to grow
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