Essay About Strengths And Weaknesses

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In the past few years I have grown a great amount as a writer. I am still growing and am always looking for ways to enhance my writing skills. I have specific strengths and certain weaknesses, but there are methods to mend the weaknesses and even better my strengths.
Firstly, my strengths in writing have developed much over time. My struggles in the past are now my advantages. One of my struggles in the past was organization in what I wrote. It was difficult for me to keep my writing organized in a way in which the reader would understand what order events had happened in. Now, with the help of an essay outline, my papers have become much easier to follow. The essay outline has made it simpler for me to create that structure that a paper needs. Another weakness of mine that has improved is providing a strong thesis. Before this year, I did not understand how to properly write a thesis. I did not even know where a thesis sentence was meant to be placed
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Quite a few obstacles I have yet to overcome within my writing. One of my main issues is my word choice. I often use general words, like “thing” and “them” instead of specifying the idea I am speaking about. I also reuse words repetitively when I should focus on using a wider choice of vocabulary. Also, I need to use more explanations when trying to prove a point. Many times I write a statement and do not go into enough detail to back up my opinion. I do not include enough background information either, writing as if the reader already knows the situation when they do not. One last weakness of mine is maintaining paragraph unity. I tend to begin a new topic in the same paragraph as the last when I should start a new paragraph to retain order. The essay does not flow well when all the topics are grouped together and not spilt up in an organized manor. The positive side to these cons are that they all may be improved with a little work and help from
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