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The Friend Pyramid
Everyone has friends, and most people have more friends than family members. Friends are essential because friends offer support and advice. When someone has a problem, normally, he or she will discuss the problem with friends; rather than with a family member. Thanks to social network people have more friends than before, so since people have more friends than before there are plenty of different types of friends. Some of the newer types of friends are known as internet friends, and text buddies. Since people have so many friends, a person might think that it would be hard for someone to place their friends in categories, but that is not the case. People known how valuable a friend is to them, there are many different categories
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A social friend can be someone from school or work; In fact, a neighbor could be a social friend. Social friends are like the people who hang out with someone when their best friend is not available. It is true that social friends do have things in common like best friends do, but social friends don 't have that same connection that best friends have. For example, social friends may have the same personality, but social friends lack trust. Trust is the main reason why someone would consider another person their social friend and not their best…show more content…
For example, what is known as a work friend, or a class friend is also known as acquaintances. Work friends are those friends that are only friends at work because they met at work or simply because they only see each other at work. The same goes for a class friend; however, unlike a work friend, a class friend is mostly a person that will help out the other person only if the other person did not go to class, or if he or she forgot a homework. Moreover, acquaintances may have things in common, and they may have nothing in common at all. Even though, acquaintances are not as special as best friends having acquaintances is a good thing. Acquaintances are good because acquaintances offer a different type of relationship that best friend and social friend can 't offer, and that is a different point of views. It is true that some best friends and social friends can sometimes have different points of view, but not as much as two person that thinks completely different from each other. Acquaintances are also great for wasting time, and that is one of the reasons why most people have acquaintances at work, or in

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