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Robin Williams is well known for his role in movies like Jumanji, and his voice for the Genie in Aladdin. When his career took off, he started adapting bad habits like drinking and drug abuse. He still played in movies despite his conditions. Robin Williams is an influential person because of his roles in movies he has played, his comedic career, and his tragic death. It all started when actor Robin Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois on July 21, 1951. When he was younger, he entertained his classmates with humor; and he was a fan of Jonathan Winters. When he was going to graduate high school, his classmates voted he him the least likely to succeed. However, Robin Williams went to Juilliard School in New York, then he went to Claremont…show more content…
His career began by performing stand up comedy shows in 1970. Although he had a debut in 1977 Can I Do It Till I Need Glasses? It was not until 1980 that he had a big break in Popeye. He went on to become a famous actor. He was a grown up version of Peter Pan in the movie Hook (1991). He was also the voice of the Genie in the movie Aladdin (1992). He starred in the movie Mrs Doubtfire (1993) and Jumanji (1995). Later in his career, he went on tour for his one-man stand up comedy started in September 2008. All his energy went into his sold out shows. However, health problems stopped the tours. A few months after the acts started, Robin Williams started having shortness of breath. It all ended up with him having to cancel performances because of his health problems, and he had to have heart surgery. Throughout Robin Williams’ career of more than two decades, he faced a drug and alcohol problem. It started during his show Mork and Mindy. He brought himself into a rehabilitation facility for alcoholism treatment in August of 2006. During the summer he also suffered relapse of drugs. When Robin Williams was recovering from the drug relapse, he was in the movie Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian playing the role of Teddy Roosevelt. After many year,s his depression was getting worse, and he was becoming an alcoholic. He died in 2014, and some of his movies were released after his death like Merry Friggin Christmas…show more content…
He also won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1997. Robin Williams did funny and comical characters, but he also did mysterious and “dangerous” characters. He played a writer of pulp novels, a radio host, and a creep in the movie One Hour Photo (2002), Insomnia (2002), and The Night Listener (2006) Robin Williams started his tour of One Man Stand Up comedy shows in 2008. They were called Weapons of Self Destruction, mostly about social and political absurdities. He starred in movies like Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian as Teddy Roosevelt. He also played in the Disney film Old Dogs with John Travolta. He was also in some talk shows like Louie and Wilfred. He was in Broadway in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo in March 2011 all the way to July. Williams was Henry Altmann in the movie Angriest Man in Brooklyn in (2014). In 1997 Robin Williams won the Academy Award for the movie role in Good Will Hunting. Robin Williams went to the College of Marin to learn more about acting but got a scholarship for the Juilliard School in New York. After Williams was in Happy Days playing as the alien and his own show Mork and Mindy (1978-82) He was starring in television shows like The Richard Pryor Show in the
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