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Dakotah Alexander 3/17/14 Physics Career As my physics occupation, I have selected Photography which is the talent or preparation of capturing and handling photographs. The art of Photography allows me to experience perfection in circadian light. Or perhaps even imperfect perfection. Being able to capture the most beautiful fascinations is an occurrence few encounter. Many individuals I discern ascertain the belief that they aren’t picturesque. A photographer that has a true love of photography believes that everyone is stunning. Especially the inordinate portrayal photojournalists know how to see the beauty in someone that may possibly not see it themself. The ability to show that beauty to them in the photos is an incredible gift. This is one of my main reasons for wanting to become a photographer. Aaron Siskind once said “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever, long after you have forgotten everything.” Being able see the speechless, stunning creations in common radiance is a beautiful thing. Another reason is purely being able to capture the memories. The good times. Being able to look back on those snapshots with a sigh of remembrance, or to show your children and tell them the stories of your childhood. Roger Kingston once said “A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye.” Photography has permanently fascinated me. It’s one of those things that changes between people. It’s a creative outlet for someone to share their perspective. Your exclusive standpoint can go extra than just showing individuals how you see a passage. Photography also lets you convey yourself, your sentiments and philosophies. You do this by selecting what you shoot, and how you charact... ... middle of paper ... portraitists, sculptors, and illustrators, generate innovative mechanisms of drawing for their visual value, rather than for a purposeful one. The minimum education requirement for this occupation is a high school diploma or an equivalent and they make on average $44,380. Photography is an art that brings people together and allows for future reference of memories. Life is like Photography, we, as individuals develop from the negatives. People develop just like how their photos develop. “Photographers have a duty to think far more about the stories they are trying to tell, what are they trying to say, and who are they trying to say it to. Their question to themselves should be ‘has this story been told before’ and if so ‘how can I tell it differently.’” That’s what a Photographers true Job is. To show or retell what hasn’t been seen through their point of view.
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