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Organ donation is a big decision for so many people. What’s the process for organ donation? Are the myths said about organ donation true? According to the Cleveland clinic organ donation is, “the process of surgically removing an organ or tissue from one person (the organ donor) and placing it into another person (the recipient).” (Cleveland Clinic). Many organs can be donated such as heart, lungs, liver, eye, skin, and kidneys. Most can’t be used until death has been pronounced but you can donate a kidney and still live a normal life while saving another life. Organ donation can change people’s lives forever and not only for the person receiving the transplant but the family and friends too. That person can be given a chance to live a full life. Organ donation has a process you must go through to become an organ donor, which can be done anytime in your life or can be a choice made by family or next of kin during end-stage of life. Myths of organ donation cause fear in people, and therefore don’t donate. Organ selling and theft is another problem with organ donation around the world but this essay will focus on the problem here in the United States. The process of organ donation starts with enrolling as a donor which you can register on the donor registry. If you then become ill or in an accident the hospital will do all they can to save your life but if it becomes impossible to save your life they can possibly use your organs for another once they do some other testing such as testing for brain death. “To diagnose brain death, doctors typically go through a checklist of about a dozen items, including assessing reflexes like blinking, coughing and breathing, which are all controlled by the brainstem” ( The hospital... ... middle of paper ... ...., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2014. . "Cleveland Clinic - Organ Donation and Transplantation." Cleveland Clinic. N.p., 1 Jan. 1995. Web. 24 Apr. 2014. "Consumer health." Organ donation: Don't let these myths confuse you. Mayo Clinic Staff, 1 Jan. 2013. Web. 24 Apr. 2014. . Magazine SANGHAVI, DARSHAK . "A new approach to organ donation." The New York Times 1 Jan. 2009: MM38. Web. . Book Egendorf, Laura K.. Organ donation: opposing viewpoints. Detroit, MI: Greenhaven Press, 2009. Print. Chapter Book Barber, Norm. "Organ Selling, Organ Theft." The nasty side of organ transplanting. Kensington, S. Aust.: Norm Barber, 2002. . Print.

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